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My specialty – or at least most of my work – is shooting headshots for actors, and my favorite spot is the alley behind the November Theatre (formerly known as The Empire).  My first session there wasn’t really a session, but more of an experiment with then 16 year old Chase Kniffen, who is now the Associate Artistic Director.  I call it my studio.  So do a lot of the folks who work there, and I love that I get to see them going to and from their shows.

I’m thinking about getting t-shirts made with my logo on it that say “I Was Shot in the Alley.”  Here are some of my recent victims.


  • Mariea Terrell - October 10, 2016 - 12:37 pm


    I’m interested in getting my headshots done and would like to know your prices and how quickly they could be available after shooting with you. Thanks in advance for your time.


  • Suzanne Villani - November 17, 2016 - 12:16 am

    I am interested in getting headshot type photos for my son, Wright. He is special needs and applying to a program at Clemson University called ClemsonLIFE and a similar program at George Mason University called MasonLIFE. I got your name from Virginia Villani. You worked with her a couple of years ago when she was applying to college and we thought you were fabulous.
    Thank you.

TRAIN is Cadence Theatre Company’s training program for kids ages 12-18. They take classes in acting, singing, dialects, musical theatre, as well as TV and film, all in preparation for getting into the business of performing. Part of this included having professional headshots done. Here are a few:


In case you don’t follow me on Facebook, I was pretty busy last year gearing up to do Gypsy at Virginia Rep. I had the time of my life! I wish I had had the time to blog about it while it was going on, but it was just a whirlwind experience. I hardly even took any photos. However, my Herbie (played deliciously by Chris Hietikko) is also a photographer, and he got this fabulous shot of me from the wings at the end of the show. I really miss him – and it – and everything about it!

Ready or not, here comes Momma!

Ready or not, here comes Momma!

Well, my photography business is on a break. If you’re on my books, you’re still good, but I’m not taking any more appointments. I have a couple of projects that I’m working on that are going to require my full attention (more about those later), so I’m going to have to put the headshots on hold. But just for now. I’ll be back at it this time next year!

Until then, here’s a picture of a cute kitten.


  • Marcus Bailey - December 8, 2015 - 10:20 am

    Can I get a new pic from my archive?

  • Jody Ashworth - February 7, 2016 - 11:48 am


    Hello! I was wondering — when are you beginning to schedule headshot sessions in 2016? As you know, Amy gave me my session as a Christmas gift update my portfolio.

    In addition, I have a couple of other “signature” photos which I would like for you to retouch to reflect the unfortunate passage of time : ) (My last headshots were taken almost 10 years ago).

    Let me know what your upcoming schedule looks like–talk soon!


You may not see a lot photography posts here for a while because I’m working on a show down at Swift Creek Mill Theatre. Honky Tonk Angels is far from high-brow, but it’s great fun if you’re in the mood for some good singing and sweet zaniness. I did take the production photos for the show… well, the ones that I wasn’t in (Tom Width took those and I did the edits).

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