2015 Richmond Theatre Artist Fund Calendar


Net Proceeds from the sale of this calendar will the benefit the
Theatre Artist Fund of Greater Richmond
of The Community Foundation

Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

Tax-deductible contributions to Fund may be directed to the Fund
Online at www.tcfrichmond.org
Or by check to:
The Community Foundation, Inc.
7501 Boulders View Drive, Suite 110
Richmond, VA 23225





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  • Joe Inscoe - Ah dear Robyn, it’s always such a joy to browse your truly inspired work—what a remarkable eye you have! One little item hit me like a brick, though. I looked at the “Senior Portraits” tab and thought “How cool! It’s about time somebody other than Olan Mills and other old-fashioned, no-imagination photographers started paying attention to the beauty of old folks. Once I clicked the tab, of course, I remembered that other kind of senior—the young kind. Ouch! Wonder how old I was when my mind started defaulting to “over 60” as the meaning of “senior”.
    Just wanted you to know, too, how much and how often I’ve already enjoyed the boy-bods of 2014—and it’s not even January. Brilliant! (Is it incestuous to drool over one’s ex-sons?)

  • Robyn - Joe, you have given me a great new idea!!!

  • Sifter | Richmond actors take it off (video 1:56) - […] You can get your copy from Robyn’s website. […]