A Respite from the Cold

I got up at 4:30am last Sunday to make my 6:55 flight to Fort Myers. I really hate those early flights.
Sunrise at the beach is a beautiful thing. Sunrise at the airport, I can do without.


I changed my tune when I landed in the Sunshine State, which was at a balmy 73 degrees.  This was taken from the dock behind my mom’s boyfriend’s house.  I was bummed that I didn’t see any manatees.  They apparently swim back there quite often.

from the dock

And this is Mom and Shelby.  (Mom’s probably going to hate this picture)

Mom and Shelby

My Mom’s boyfriend Ethan has a great dog named Chance.  I always miss my dogs when I’m gone,  so I was really glad to have some K9 company.


Shelby is my 2nd favorite yorkie. (And in case my friends are wondering, she does have two eyes.)


My grandparents live in this great retirement community in Bonita Springs.  There is so much going on there all the time.  There are swimming pools, hot tubs (you know I visited the hot tub!), shuffle board, pool tournaments, dinners, dancing, karaoke, field trips, variety shows, and tons more!  Mom and Ethan played pool while Gram and I went to Bingo. Poppy is one of the callers.


Picking out your cards is serious business at Bingo.  Actually, they take their Bingo VERY seriously.  I thought a few of those old broads were going to kill my grandfather during one of the games. And you should see how FAST they get out of there when it’s all over.  Don’t let those walkers fool you. Those gals can MOVE!


The biggest event is the softball tournament.  Poppy’s team won both games while I was there. Go Poppy!

florida baseball

baseball glove

It was great seeing my family, even if for just a couple days.  Love you, Gram!


And it was really nice to be warm!!!

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