Bat Boy

Back in our younger days (not that long ago), Robin Arthur and I would drive down to Williamsburg on a Saturday morning to spend the day at the Pottery and then have dinner in Old Town.  But before we left, we would always stop at the 7-11 to pick up a couple of Big Gulps and The Weekly World News.  Whoever wasn’t driving would read the articles aloud, and we’d cackle at Dear Dottie and all the rednecks being abducted by aliens.  And the week that Bat Boy was discovered? Well, that was the best of all!  We scream laughed the entire trip!  So when I saw this at Barnes & Noble, I just had to snap it with the iPhone.

Of course, I don’t see Bat Boy anymore without thinking of my friend Scotty. So this is for him – especially since it will be a cold day in hell before Robin Arthur reads a blog!

bat boy lives

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