Emlyn Crenshaw

The first time I saw Emlyn Crenshaw, she was about 6 years old and upstaging the rest of the cast (in a cute way… sorta…) in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Theatre IV. I became friends with the Crenshaw Family not long after that. Older sister Gray played my little sister in Annie Get Your Gun about five years ago. And Judi (mom) and I have regular wine dates.

Anyway, about a month ago Judi, Emlyn and I went over to the University of Richmond, which is just the most beautiful campus, and took these photos.

Isn’t she absolutely beautiful? Look at that skin! And I didn’t Photoshop one bit of it! It was possibly the easiest job I’ve ever had. Thanks Emlyn!

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  • Judi - Finally looked up your blog! THANKS for the nice comments, Robyn. I think the photos look beautiful because you did quite a nice job of taking them. Can’t wait to show this to Emlyn… she’ll be embarrassed (but in a good way!).

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