Family Photos

I’ve been talking about creating a blog for my photos for quite some time now, and since Erin Thomas asked if there was a place that I had some family portraits online (I have some on webshots, but it’s getting hung up on me), I decided this was the time. I’ll make it prettier later, but for now, here are some of my favorites:

timberline kids 05

These are the Timberline kids. It helps that they’re all gorgeous! Here are a couple more of them.

timberlines (104)cs

timberlines (154)cs

These were done for Christmas cards last year:

terri and brenna 07

wilsonguarinos 056

nov2006 017a

I did a several for Terri Moore in the fall. These were taken at the University of Richmond.

moore girls 336s

moore girls 071s

moore girls 187s

moore girls 218s

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