Headshot Photographer – Richmond, VA

I’ve got six headshot sessions this week!  But since I still haven’t posted the ones from last month, I thought I better do that before I get all bogged down in editing.

This is Scott, my across the street neighbor.  He calls me Gladys Kravitz because I keep tabs on his comings and goings (I don’t really, but don’t tell him).

Scott Melton

Tess was my neighbor about 16 years ago, and I hadn’t seen her since she was about 5 years old.  Her family moved to Ohio, where her parents are the artistic directors of the Ohio Shakespeare Festival.  Tess is currently on tour with Theatre IV.


And this is Emily.  She and her mom came up from Newport News.  We had the greatest time!  She had an audition coming up, so I’m waiting to hear the good news.

Emily Bradfield1Emily Bradfield2

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  • Thomas Neuhaus - We need headshots and one or two group photos for 13 professionals in our offices in downtown Richmond. We will only need digital copies of the photographs for our website. Could you give us a price range for this type of work?


    Thomas Neuhaus