How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Part I

Our friend Tracy Coogle’s mother owns this terrific house in Rodanthe, NC.  Tracy invited Ginnie and me down there last October and we absolutely fell in love with the place.  So when we were planning our summer vacation, I talked to Tracy about renting it for two weeks and were lucky to find out that the weeks we wanted were free!

We left for the Outer Banks on Sunday, and it was pure heaven! For two and a half days.  Then Hurricane Earl showed up and we got the mandatory evacuation notice on Wednesday.  Thanks a lot, Earl! Since we were traveling with four dogs, we beat feet out of there right away. We’re back in Richmond now, glued to the Weather Channel waiting for the all clear.  Seemed like a good chance to post a few of the photos that I got during those first couple of days.

This was the view from the upper deck when I woke up the first morning.  You can see why I’m so anxious to get back!

first morning in rodanthesandpiperSully at the Beachsurfer

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