Pete ‘n’ Keely – Snowed Out Again

This has been just the craziest month!  First let me say that our rehearsal period for Pete ‘n’ Keely was really short.  Three weeks – evenings only – couple of weekends.  That’s 20 songs (120 if you count the Cross Country Tour), two people, and Robin Arthur choreography.  It was pretty intense.  Then, at the end of those three weeks, we did two preview performances (the first of which was actually reviewed – gotta love that) and THEN THE SNOW CAME.

There went our opening.  A producer’s nightmare!  On a personal note, I thought “fine with me!”  I generally don’t enjoy the big opening night thing.  I barely know the show at that point, and the fact that the critics (and so many of my friends) are in the house usually makes me want to throw up.  However, I’ve got to say it was pretty strange to just…  go home.  No opening night party? No celebratory drinks?  Kinda sad.

Fast forward to last night.  Remember how we hardly knew the show last week?  Well now we’ve been away from it for six days.  Thank God our small, but lively audience didn’t mind.  They seemed to be having quite a good time!

And today – more snow.  And more cancellations. When did I move to New England?

It could be worse.  It could be Mulan.  They’re only scheduled to play three weekends and they’re losing two.  That’s gotta hurt! At least we’ve got until mid-March.  Russell and I are bound to hit our stride long before then!

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