Starting Over

I decided before Christmas that I didn’t like my old website.  It was really clunky and inconsistent.  And even though I wouldn’t call myself a professional web designer, I’m enough of a control freak to want to design it myself.  I’m also cheap and didn’t want to pay anyone.  So I put together a site using Dreamweaver for all my theatre stuff, and set up a WordPress blog for my photo business.  Throw in Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and that’s just too many things to keep up with.  So I pretty much dropped MySpace (although I hate the new Facebook and might return to it) and I don’t do a lot of twittering either (or is it tweeting?).  Combining the website and the blog seemed like the next step toward simplifying my life, so here it is.

Well, almost.  Nothing is really finished.  I’m going to add show pictures and some sound clips to the theatre section. Also, I switched hosting companies in the midst of all this and somehow lost a lot of the blogs that I had written since the beginning of the year.  I’ll try to recreate them in the next couple of weeks, and I hope you’ll forgive me if things get a little chronologically mixed up.

That’s it for now!

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  • JohnnyAce - This is coming along nicely. Much better than the old site.