Thanks for booking your headshot session!

Here is some general information that may help as you prepare for your session.
Clothing:  Textures are great. Avoid baggy clothes and bright patterns. Your clothes should fit well – don’t bring anything that you have to tug at or fuss with. Dark colors (deep red, blue, green and black) usually work the best, but sometimes bright colors can be amazing. Choose colors that bring out your eyes (if you have blue eyes, look for nice grey/blue shirts as well as pure blue). Generally, keep the shirts darker than your skin tone (though cream tones, especially for women, can be gorgeous). Bring four or five tops, though we’ll most likely only use one or two. Also, bring a variety of necklines. For women, sheer material is very nice, and spaghetti strap tank tops, scoop necks and v-necks are wonderful. For men, layering is terrific – a blazer and collared shirt, or a t-shirt and light fall jacket. Crew necks and v-necks are also great! Layering can work for women as well, but it’s usually a good idea to keep it simple. Keep your neckline open. By the way, any of these rules can be broken to great effect. Bring whatever makes you feel attractive, even if it is contradicting everything I just wrote.
Hair and makeup:  Arrive with your hair and makeup ready to go, as if you were going to an audition. If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, don’t wear a lot for your session, but bring some powder and lipstick for touchups.  Guys, you don’t really need anything. 

The process:  We’ll meet and decide on clothes.  We’ll chat a lot.  I’ll take a ton of photos.  Once I get them home, I’ll narrow them down to about… I don’t know… 50-75, sometimes more. I’ll then post them to an online gallery for you to see. Once you decide which ones you want to use, I’ll make the necessary adjustments, put your name on it, and send it to you via DropBox.

Location:  My favorite spot is around the November Theatre at 114 W. Broad Street. There’s usually a rehearsal or show going on, so you’ll most likely have to find a place to park on the street.  There are lots of other options as well, and if you have a location in mind, I’m happy to scout it out.

This information is fairly generic, so please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.  My cell is 804-307-2429 in case you need to get in touch with me.
Looking forward to working with you!
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