The 365 Project

Last year, my friend Pam challenged me to post one photo on Facebook every day.  I think she meant for a month, but as is my nature, I took it to extremes and said I would do it every day for a year!  I’m WAY BEHIND, but here are a few of them!  Also,  a number of people have asked me about buying prints.  You can do that here.

bride under waterRichmond from the BoathousebaseballbikebutterflyCalifornia mountain roadCalifornia WildflowerCarmel Carcoinsdeck chairsGeneral PershingGolden Gate Bridgehortonleesburg2lone cypressNY2009quietRodanthe PierRodantheSunset over the Soundtraintree on the mountainAlice the Sea Liondaffodilsbaseball glovechanceswift creek fallsswift creekswift creek falls 2feed the birdstulipsbryan park snow2trainsRobert in the Mirrordarien stnew yorkColonial Barn

I Love Orange

Grazing Pony

Boy in the Bay

Assateague Ponies

Trail through the Woods

Ducks and Bikes

london schoolgirls

Love My Deck Lights




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  • Dawn Westbrook-Boyd - Oh my God…Robyn, THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. Some I have seen but the story they put together is fabulous. You have such a wonderful, Director of Photography feel in your shots. True Design, and True Story.
    I am so proud of you for finding this gift within your soul and for sharing it with others.
    Nice website too.

  • robyn - Dawn, you just totally made my day! Thanks! xoxox